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Submit a new text post. It's because he's 6 feet tall. Or at least MensRights. For some reason guys who are the same height as me look like they are shorter than me.

DESCRIPTION: I feel like most people should probably list their height, as it is unfortunately a deal breaker for a lot of people. Switch to Hybrid Mode. What's your eye color? Is it so important to you that this is a deal breaker?

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I once went out with this older guy who was on the shorter side but he had a great job, he was attractive, and had an interesting personality so I was happy to meet him. She would've brought it up if it bothered her.

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  • Height has never made a difference to me. Maybe because I'm used to being around tall guys.
  • And if she throws a fit at you she's a bitch and she already did your 'do I like her' work for you. While it's a little extreme and also he's basically a troll , those views aren't completely off base.
  • Would girls date a guy who is ugly or not conventionally attractive? He never married, still isn't, if I recall.
  • Men always razzle each other and think nothing of it.

The time now is September 16, at 4: Why is height such a deal breaker? Two years after, I ended up single again and he asked me out he had been waiting to date me after he realized that he wanted me and not this other woman but alas I was seeing someone at that time. Chill out you insecure midget. Whether it is important or not and how important is very subjective. And it also implies women are only good for their vagina.

Girls - would you go on a date with a guy who is the same height as he was the exact same height as me but it was totally I dated a guy my height for several. Feb 03,  · Anyways im a short guy and she is a short girl. We are the same height. Last night she said "I like taller guys but it was nice to be with a short guy. All the parts fit together perfectly. It was great." I said "I like tall girls but i feel the same way you do." Sex was so much better with a girl that wasnt 6 inches taller than brahma-yoga.ru: Resolved.

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Ladies, if a man had everything you wanted but lacked in the height department, would you still try to date him? I don't think most women have a problem with it. It is more about their skills in bed, I mean some girls just lay there like dead fish, while others seem to have been former members of a traveling cirus.

Because when you're the same height, your spoon positions are pretty interchangeable. As long as he's cute and nice? Or is that a deal breaker for most girls to have the guy around the same height? The more mature anyone becomes the more likely they are to recognize that the physical doesn't matter.. asked under Dating. Sep 14,  · He's a great guy, I mean he's a gentleman, shares the same interests as me, a great conversationalist, and hilarious. Everything about him is great aside from one thing: his height. He's about one inch taller than me which isn't much for a girl like me who loves to wear heels.

Haha for a second I thought you were my date I met up with yesterday since he was my height but hadn't had it listed on his profile.

Did much better ironically. If you find that you are attracted to many different things about him, you might be surprised by how little his height matters. Height is pretty irrelevant when I'm considering potential romantic partners. I must add, he was the exact same height as me but it was totally fine, because he was cute.

I recently slept with a friend of mine. Not the average, you're right.

  • When he is only about the same height…
  • My XH was measured at exactly my height in his military physicals 5'7" , but had disc compression issues where I swear he could shrink an extra inch throughout the day in addition to the natural amount EVERYBODY shrinks from standing all day.
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  • Well then you're not hanging around the right girls.

None of them seemed to care. Thanks for the advice peeps! I'm otherwise desirable I swear! Eh, that's not realistic. I mean, it sucks to have an 'emotional beating', but to say one can handle it less than the other is kind of putting down women in a way and saying they're weaker emotionally, which is not exactly the kind of thing [you'd think] feminism would approve of. Yeah there are certainly double standards but implying "most men never get a chance to mate" is fucking absurd.

I call my lb lady friends lards sometimes. I never would have thought to say that, so this is awesome advice. He was obsessed with working out, which is okay, but something was off. I like a man who pumps iron and still knows how to eat. I think it's extremely sexy! The height thing with women is exactly comparable to the whole breast size thing with men. What's more important, height or facial looks? For some reason guys who are the same height as me look like they are shorter than me.

Height difference when having sex? Everyone in this thread is extremely bitter though, wow. Would that help you out? I think it's extremely sexy! I've been with girls ranging from 5''10 and honestly as long as your hips are on the same level, that is really all that matters.


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