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The impact of the long whip sends her swinging back an forth. I don't think it is necessary to read the other story first to enjoy this one, although you are certainly encouraged to do so.

DESCRIPTION: Gonzo Point Of View. He is just about to whip her while she is staring into space for some reason and her sister runs in and stops him so he throws her to the floor and starts whipping her. Later, the Hangman is rubbing a black substance on the woman's bloody back, as the Monk flagellates himself. Her look of desperation now complete.

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Her wrists are duct taped to the sides of the frame. The headmistress and some other women take her into a small sleeping room upstairs, tear her dress off while she squirms, spits and fights in order to escape.

  • Maitress - Gerard Depardieu whips a woman who is tied to a chair. Tiring of this he takes the switch away from her and begins to whip her with it.
  • While she's not a very good actress, she does a pretty good job during the whipping scene.
  • The other woman isn't whipped, but has her private parts poked with a sword.
  • From out of Rebecca's mouth came only a wailing "aaahhhhh" as I twisted the thick pegs angrily before finally lightening up. When she turns to go, you can see that her nightgown is torn over her butt.
  • The other woman isn't whipped, but has her private parts poked with a sword.

You are now leaving Pornhub. I can't understand exactly what is said because it's in Italian but the bloke is standing with the whip in his hands for some time shouting at her and after a while he looses his temper, pushes her to the ground and starts whipping her. It gave period atmosphere to the decadence of l's Germany. Various threats and tortures are tried but in one scene she is nude on the floor, wrists bound to her ankles. I watched through field glasses at Rebecca shuffling up the dusty road, looking up in hopes of seeing me coming her way.

Buxom Blonde Is Strung Up And Whipped

Must be some cloth, as she has big bloody red marks all over her back. Gonzo Point Of View. Unfortunately, according to Grindhouse Cinema Databasethe film is generally considered lost and Srung that, "heavy editing of the prints even resulted in a minute version that has no scenes featuring DeForest. In the w-scene Nwked young man and a young woman are tied, their upper bodies naked, face to face to a boom and doomed to 20 lashes. As my orgasm finally began to subside Rebecca dropped down off the limb and knelt in front of me. Both of Strung Up Naked And Whipped are long scenes and many marks appear.

Most of Nakrd whipping shots are from a long ways Srung, except for a couple of hits to the front of one of the women. Unfortunately, we only see a few scant seconds. Beloved - a nude black slave is tied to ground and bullwhipped very savagely, we see only her face reactions for one lash but the scene is one of most "strong" we ever seen; later in two scenes we see her bare back covered with heavy scars. Casanova - There is only a crap near whipping scene in Strung Up Naked And Whipped movie. Sasori - All of the films in this Japanese prison series have female whippings in them, don't they?

He cries piteously through his gag while the nasty fuckers penetrate him repeatedly and use a flogger on his butt and balls. Strung up from the rafters naked and being whipped by her father was her punishment for being caught by her sister with my dick in her hand, and I couldn't imagine how much worse it would have been had her sister arrived a few moments earlier when Rebecca was sucking my cock dry.

Bounty - In this Western, there's a short sequence where the lovely actress Michelle Acuna is bound AOH and given 3 lashes of the bullwhip. Requiem for a Vampire - aka Caged Virgins Beginning 1 hour and 18 minutes into the movie, there is a two and a half minute whipping scene. Rebecca had slipped her hands into the loops at the ends of the ropes, and instructed me on how to tighten them.

  • Gorgeous Naked Girl Whipped In Bondage
  • I thought I heard some moving around inside, and was startled when I heard Rebecca's voice from behind me. Later, Nora-Jane shows off her scars to a young man.
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  • They decide to teach her a lesson she will never forget. Marie-Pierre Castel is very expressive as she is being whipped, and the sounds of the whip are loud and satisfying, but if you crave whip marks or the image of the lash striking her body, you will be disappointed.
  • Real Life Sex Therapist and Humiliatrix.

Login or sign up. Patriots - A woman is believed to have betrayed the IRA and is tortured. Arena, The aka Naked Warriors - Just under an hour in to this film there is a scene where a woman is whipped by another woman but we can't really see it. Then over an hour later, her outfit is opened up in the back so they can show off her bare back with some nice whip marks on it. Not really a whipping scene, but interesting nonetheless.

Teen tied up , Whipped and Creampied Can anyone verify if that version is any better? Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. This is a real sick one.

We get to see a portion of her whip marked back during the scene and some scenes after. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. The Vampires - has the raiders of the monster Cobrak whip a young village girl for not moving fast enough to the slave ship. But they must not have been any good because I can't remember them.


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