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This red - white - red pattern bore a strong sense of Canadian history: It was never officially adopted by the Parliament of Canada. The flag made its first official appearance on February 15, ; the date is now celebrated annually as National Flag of Canada Day. A joint committee of the Senate and House of Commons was appointed on November 8, , to recommend a national flag to officially adopt. DeGaulle offers to help end Vietnam War.

DESCRIPTION: Dipping a carried flag means lowering it from a vertical position to 45 degrees, to a horizontal position, or, even further, touching the ground. The maple leaf represents Canada's rich cultural heritage and natural resources.

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Mutiny breaks out among Indian soldiers in Singapore. For other Canadian flags, see List of Canadian flags. Retrieved April 13,

  • The Red Ensign was never officially adopted as a national flag. Coat of arms , the principal part of a system of hereditary symbols dating back to early medieval Europe, used primarily to establish identity in battle.
  • It should not be defaced by way of printing or illustrations or masked by other objects; it should be displayed in a manner which may be described as in-the-air and free, in which all symbolic parts of the Flag can be identified.
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  • The proclamation is today stored in a temperature and humidity controlled, plexiglass case, so as to prevent the vellum from changing dimensionally.
  • Note the inclusion of all the provincial emblems. Among those killed in the crash was year-old Laurence Owen, who had won

Flag on John Cabot's ship, and used during the English colonization of the Americas before the Act of Union The flags of Canada. At the time of Fag, Canada's national flag remained the Union Jack. Retrieved October 31, The official debut happened on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, on February 15, Learn more about the Royal Union Flag.

After that, The Maple Leaf Forever was composed, and became a defacto national anthem. Also, around this time, the maple leaf began appearing on all minted coins. All coins bore the leaf until , and the penny kept it permanently. During World War 1, Canadian troops fought under the Canadian Red Ensign, which featured leaves. . The Canadian flag was adopted by the Canadian Parliament Oct. 22, , and the official inauguration ceremony took place Feb. 15, Ever since, the maple leaf has been a symbol of Canadian pride. The flag of Canada is a red field with an pointed red maple leaf on white backgrond in the center. Canada flag colors, meaning, symbolism and history - What is the significance of points on the maple leaf.

After eliminating thousands of proposals, the Special Committee on a Canadian Flag was left with three possible designs: John Matheson in , which uses a highly stylized eleven-pointed maple leaf, referring to no specific species of maple.

In Singapore on this day in , Indian soldiers launch the first large-scale mutiny of World War I. For other Canadian flags, see List of Canadian flags. This flag was used across British North America and in Canada, even after Confederation from until

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These programs increased the exposure of the flag and the concept that it was part of the national identity. It is also widely used in the private sector. Earlier official uses of a maple leaf design often used more than 30 points and a short stem. Archived from the original on April 4, Archived from the original on February 25,


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